Transfer Center

Cross Enrollment with the Cal State & UC

Take a course at the Cal State or UC while you are attending Fullerton College!
Limitations apply so be sure to read ALL the information and instructions on this page BEFORE you begin the cross enrollment process.

Senate Bill 1914 Postsecondary Education: Cross Enrollment Program legislation (California Education Code 66750 through 66756) permits undergraduate students enrolled in any campus of the California Community Colleges, the California State University, or the University of California to enroll without formal admission in a maximum of one (1) course per academic term at a campus of either of the other systems on a space-available basis.  Participation by college is voluntary and both schools must be participating in this program before a student can take a course at another institution for a discounted fee plus any material or lab fees.

To Qualify for Cross Enrollment:
  1. Be classified as California resident at Fullerton College.
  2. Completed at least one term at Fullerton College as a matriculated student.
  3. Be currently enrolled for a six units at Fullerton College.
  4. Earned a grade point average of 2.0 (grade of C) for work completed.
  5. Paid appropriate tuition and fees at Fullerton College for the current term.
  6. Completed appropriate academic preparation as determined by host campus.

NOTE: Students may participate in Cross Enrollment in the fall or spring semesters only. Cross Enrollment is not offered in the summer.

Important Notices about Cross Enrollment – Please read thoroughly:
  1. Cross enrollment at the CSU and UC is offered through their extension services.
    1. However, there is no guarantee that a Cal State or UC must participate, so always confer with the university beforehand.
  2. You will not be charged additional tuition and enrollment fees. However, the host campus may charge an administration fee for cross enrollment for each term.
  3. You will be required to pay any additional fees required of other students for the class at the host campus, including lab or materials fees, breakage, etc..
  4. Students may enroll in one course only per semester through cross enrollment and thereby enjoy the reduced rate.
  5. Academic advisement should be accomplished through the Fullerton College Counseling Center or Transfer Center. Students are advised to check with a Fullerton College counselor before enrolling in classes. You will want to ensure the class will meet your educational goal and is transferable.
  6. Since cross enrollment students are not officially admitted students, they must request of the instructor to be added to the CSU/UC class. Instructors are obligated to take admitted enrolled students first so it is advisable to have some alternative course sections.
  7. If a course requires completion of a prerequisite course, the student must provide proof to the CSU/UC of satisfactory completion of the prerequisite course by providing transcripts or test scores (AP, IB).
  8. Some UC campuses will make a distinction between a course taken through their extension and those taken through their “day campus.” Students should meet with a UC representative at the extension service to ensure that the course they wish to take through UC extension will meet major/degree requirements at that campus.
  9. There is no guarantee that a course taken at one CSU/UC through extension services will be recognized as meeting the degree requirements at another. Students should consider cross enrolling at the university they wish to eventually transfer.
  10. Credit earned through cross enrollment can be used in your degree or transfer evaluation. To do this, have an official transcript sent to the Fullerton College Office of Admissions and Records once you have completed your coursework at the host campus.
To Apply for Cross Enrollment
  1. IMPORTANT: Meet with a Fullerton College counselor to discuss cross enrollment.
  2. If you and the counselor decide that cross enrollment is right for you then:
    1. Print the Cross Enrollment Application.
    2. Complete the top portion of the form and deliver it to the Fullerton College Admissions & Records Office for verification.
      1. Note: The verification process can take up to 10 working days to be completed and a fee is required. For further information, please contact the FC Admissions & Records Office. 
    3. If approved, you will then deliver your cross enrollment application to the Cal State or UC admissions office for further instructions.

NOTE: You must get approval from FC Admissions & Records before you take your cross enrollment form to the Cal State or UC.