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November 30 Deadline This Week!

The deadline to apply to the Cal State and UC for a fall 2024 transfer is November 30, and the Transfer Center is currently experiencing a high demand for application services! During this time, students may expect longer wait times for application assistance. We greatly appreciate your patience during this period of high demand, and we strongly advise you to submit your transfer applications prior to November 30! 

For application Assistance [Click Here].

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Days Remaining until November 30








Be Transfer Ready – Stay Connected!

Universities frequently issue notices that can impact your transfer and so we offer a variety of ways for you to stay connected to the Transfer Center services and important transfer information: Monthly Newsletter, Social Media, Calendar of Events, and our Canvas pages (see below).

Special Announcements

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Transfer Center Canvas Pages!

We use Canvas to keep you connected to transfer and application information and services.
If you are new to FC and/or are not ready to apply for transfer, then our “Transfer Explorers” Canvas page is for you!
If it is the year prior to your transfer, then join your respective application Canvas page!
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Great for First Year Students!

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Application Cycle

Graphic link to Spring 2024 Transfer Cohort Canvas Page

Application Cycle

Graphic link to Fall 2024 Transfer Cohort Canvas Page

Cal State Websites

CSU Transfer Requirements link
CSU Transfer Success Pathway link
CSU Fullerton Transfer Requirements link
CSULB Transfer Admissions Link
Cal Poly Pomona Transfer Admissions link

UC Websites

UC Transfer Requirements link
UC Transfer Admission Planner link
UC Dual Admission Program link
UC Transfer Admission Guarantee link