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CSU - California State University

UC - University of California


Important Dates

August 1-31

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Application Period

September 1

UC TAG Application Opens for Fall 2020 transfers!

Welcome to the Transfer Center!

The Transfer Center is a dynamic department within the Fullerton College Counseling Division. Our Mission is to increase awareness of transfer among Fullerton College students, faculty and staff; provide support for students in the preparation, application and transition stages of the transfer process; and enhance opportunities for transfer by collaborating with universities.

New to the Transfer Center? Feel free to watch our introductory video and hear the stories of students who successfully transferred to the university of their dreams

Transfer Center News


If you intend to apply for transfer to a CSU and/or UC for a 2020 transfer (spring, winter, or fall) your application process begins this summer! Visit or contact the FC Transfer Center today to sign up for our Application Workshop Series. Check out our CALENDAR of...

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June 20 – Deadline to Apply for Summer Graduation!

If you intend to complete all requirement of your Associate Degree by the end of this summer then you must submit the FC Application for Graduation to the Admissions & Records Office no later than today. Visit the FC Admissions & Records for an application.

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