Our Fall 2018 Staff:
Left Side (Front to back): Brandi Avila (Specialist), Stephanie Mosqueda (Specialist), Zyrah Niazi (Transfer Ambassador), Justine Banal (Transfer Ambassador), Emily Ortiz (Transfer Ambassador), Kaylan Rasch (Counselor).

Right Side (Front to back): Vince White (Coordinator), Kacie Simental (Student Hourly), Cecilia Arriaza (Director), Leanne Tovalino (Hourly), Madlain Iseed (Hourly), Jared Vidal (Counselor), Samuel Nieto (Professional Expert).

Not pictured: Ana Tovar (Counselor), Kassandra Flores (Transfer Ambassador)

Introducing Our Staff

The Transfer Center is comprised of a diverse group of five full-time professionals dedicated to the success of our students.

  • Cecilia Arriaza, Director
    M.A. Education – Emphasis in Race & Ethic StudiesUCLA
  • Ana Tovar, Counselor
    M.S. Counseling – Emphasis in Student Development in Higher Education; CSU Long Beach
  • Vincent White, Coordinator
    M.S. Counseling – Emphasis in Student Development in Higher Education; CSU Long Beach
  • Stephanie Mosqueda, Specialist
    B.A. Psychology, CSU Fullerton

In addition to our full time staff, we welcome the following talented part-time staff members:

Adjunct Counselors:

  • Jared Vidal,
    M.S. Counseling, Emphasis in School Counseling Leadership, CSU Los Angeles
  • Kaylan Rasch,
    M.S. Counseling, Emphasis in College Counseling & Student Services; CSU Northridge

Hourly Staff:

  • Kacie Simental,
    Candidate for AA-T, Administration of Justice, Fullerton College
  • Madlain Iseed,

Transfer Ambassadors (Pilot Program):

  • Samuel Nieto, Transfer Ambassadors Coordinator
    M.S. Education, Emphasis in Higher Education; CSU Fullerton
  • Transfer Ambassadors (Hourly Staff):
    • Emily Ortiz
    • Justine E. Banal
    • Kassandra Flores
    • Zyrah Niazi