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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)

The Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) is a specialized Associate Degree that provides students with guaranteed admissions to the California State University system in a similar major. These degrees are different from the traditional associate degrees (AA, AS) and are designated as (AA-T, AS-T) in the Fullerton College catalogue. In addition, students are afforded specific advantages in the transfer admissions process; however, the ADT does have some limitations.

Understanding the Guarantee

We strongly encourage students to review the following information to get a better understanding of the advantages and limitations of the ADT guarantee:

  • Admissions to the Cal State system – meaning that you will be guaranteed a seat somewhere in the 23 Cal State campus system.
    • Limitations: The ADT does not give you a 100% guarantee that a particular Cal State campus must accept you.
      Competitive Cal States may apply a minimum CSU transferable GPA that all transfer applicants must still meet. 
  • In a similar major – as determined by each individual Cal State campus.
    • Limitations: The ADT does not guarantee all concentrations/emphasis within a major.
    • To learn which majors each Cal State campus considers “similar” to your ADT degree [Click Here].
  • The student may be given a 0.10 increase in their transferable GPA – for admission purposes only.
    • Limitations: This is a campus-specific practice; however, most do apply to the GPA bump. 
  • If offered admissions to the similar major and the student accepts the offer, the student is guaranteed to graduate with no more than 60 units completed at the Cal State.
    • Limitations: This particular guarantee is nullified if the student changes their major, double majors and/or adds a minor.

Interested in Earning an ADT?

  1. First, confirm that an ADT exists for your transfer major [Click Here].
  2. Next, research which majors are deemed “similar” at your prospective Cal States [Click Here].
  3. Schedule an appointment with a Fullerton College counselor to plan your ADT.
    • Make sure that you will meet the ADT requirements by the deadline set by the Cal State campus(es) for your transfer application cycle.
  4. Submit the Fullerton College Graduation Application with FC Admissions & Records during the filing period.