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Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) Verification

Since the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) is a specialized Associate Degree that provides students with guaranteed admissions to the California State University system in a similar major, there is a defined process to report your ADT when applying for transfer and secondary process of proving (verification) that you have earned or will earn the ADT. These processes can be overwhelming for students and so we are providing you with the following detailed instructions to assist you. 

These processes include the following basic steps:

  1. Apply to the Cal State and properly report your ADT in the application.
  2. Apply for your ADT at Fullerton College Admissions & Records
  3. Provide verification (proof) that you have or will earn the ADT
  4. Provide final verification when you are at the Cal State.

Apply to the Cal State and properly report your ADT in the application

If you wish to be considered for the ADT guarantee, you must report your ADT in the following sections of the Cal State application:

  • Extended Profile:
    • Select: “Transferring with an Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T/ AS-T) awarded by a California Community College”
    • California Community College: Select the college at which you will earn your ADT.
    • ADT Program: Select your ADT major.
  • Add Program:
    • When selecting your university and major, make sure that you choose a similar major for your ADT.
    • If you do not choose a similar major, the Cal State application will show a popup stating that the major is not similar to your ADT.
    • If you are unsure which majors are deemed “similar,” please [Click Here].
  • Academic History:
    • Colleges Attended:
      • Degree Info:
        • If you have already earned your ADT, then select “Degree Awarded”
        • If you are still in the process of earning your ADT, then select “Degree in Progress”
      • Type of Degree:
        • Associate of Arts in Transfer (AA-T)
        • Associate of Science in Transfer (AS-T)
        • If you are unsure, please [Click Here].
      • When will you earn that degree?
        • Choose the last month of the semester for which you filed your FC Graduation Application:
          • If you filed for Spring Graduation: May
          • If you filed for Summer Graduation: August
          • If you filed for Fall Graduation: December
    • Supporting Information:
      • Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT):
        • Campus Student ID Number:
          • Enter your Fullerton College student ID number if you are earning your ADT from Fullerton College.
          • If you are earning your ADT from another community college, enter your student ID# from that college.
        • California Community College ID:
          • You can leave this section blank. It is not required.
        • Anticipated or Completed Degree Date:
          • Spring Graduation: May (last day of spring semester)
          • Summer Graduation: August (last day of summer session)
          • Fall Graduation: December (last day of fall semester)
          • If you are unsure, choose the last day of the month.

Apply for your ADT at Fullerton College Admissions & Records

  1. Submit the Fullerton College Graduation Application with FC Admissions & Records during the filing period.
    • Check the Fullerton College Class Schedule for filing period dates.
  2. Make sure that the ADT degree that you listed on your FC Graduation Application is the same ADT degree that you listed in your Cal State application!
    • If they are not the same, FC Admissions & Records will not verify your ADT.
    • For students pursuing the following ADT degrees, please make sure that you are certain which degree you intend to earn as they have similar titles but are not the same degrees:
      • Child & Adolescent Development (AA-T)
      • Early Childhood Education (AS-T)
      • Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T)

ADT Verification

As stated above, the Cal State will require proof (verification) that you have earned or will earn your ADT. This verification is usually reported by FC Admissions & Records via “E-verify” provided:

  • You already earned the degree and it is posted on your FC transcripts.
  • You have submitted your FC Graduation Application and the degree status is return as either “eligible” or “conditional.”

Degree Evaluation: Once FC Admissions & Records has processed your Graduation Application and completes your degree evaluation, you will receive an email with a pdf attachment of your degree evaluation. Your degree evaluation will indicate one of the following three possible statuses:

  • Eligible – All degree requirements have been met, degree has been conferred and will be posted permanently on your FC transcripts.
    • FC Admissions & Records will complete the ADT verification (E-verify) for you.
  • Conditional – Remaining degree requirements are in progress and provided you successfully complete them, you will earn your ADT.
    • FC Admissions & Records will complete the ADT verification (E-verify) for you.
  • Ineligible – There are degree requirements missing.
    • FC Admissions & Records will report that your degree is not verified.
    • See a counselor immediately and show them the degree evaluation form as this will indicate the missing requirements.
    • Common Reasons for an “ineligible” status include:
      • Missing documents such as official transcripts from other colleges/universities that you may have attended and/or official exam scores (AP, CLEP, IB) that you are using to complete the ADT requirements.
      • ADT degree you reported in your Cal State application does not match the ADT degree on your FC Graduation Application.
      • Student did not meet with a counselor for proper educational planning.

Beginning Fall 2022 Application Cycle – Students can check the status of their ADT verification in their Cal State Application in the Check Status screen! 

  • Fall Applicants should check their status in the month of March.
  • Spring Applicants should check their status in the month of October. 

Final ADT Verification

If you are offered admissions to a Cal State campus for the similar major and you accept that offer, you will be required to provide final verification that you earned the ADT. This final verification is completed by the student.

To provide this final verification:

  1. Ensure that your ADT is posted on your transcripts.
  2. Request official transcripts to be sent to your Cal State via myGateway.

If you need assistance in this process, please contact the FC Admissions & Records.