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The Transfer Center is dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive application services. Visit this webpage frequently as information is updated as we move through the various application cycles. Be sure to review our important application cycle notices below. 

Fall 2024 Transfers: Admission Decisions Season!

If you applied to the Cal State and/or UC for fall 2024, campuses will typically issue their admission decisions as per the following timelines:

  • Cal State: Mid-February through March 31.
    • All Cal State applicants will be notified by April 1.
  • UC: Mid-March through April 30.
    • All UC applicants will be notified by May 1.
    • Applicants to UCLA can expect their admissions notices late April.

If you have received your admission decisions, then register for our Application Workshop Series Part 4: Admission Decisions.

2025 Transfers: It’s time to begin your application process!

Step 1: Meet with a counselor to do “transfer exit planning” and confirm your application cycle.
    Schedule a counseling appointment here.

Step 2: Once a counselor confirms your application cycle, then join your respective Transfer Application Cohort Canvas page.
    Click the tile that corresponds to your respective application cohort.

Step 3: Take advantage of the application services listed below when they become available.

Join Your Application Canvas Cohort!

We have created our application Canvas cohorts to keep students connected to Transfer Center application services and information. Application Canvas cohorts are released in the year prior to your transfer! If you are not transferring in 2024 or 2025, then join our “Transfer Exploration” Canvas. 

Graphic link to Fall 2024 Transfer Cohort Canvas Page

Canvas Cohort for students who intend to begin at their university Fall 2024.

Spring 2025 Transfers

Canvas Cohort for students who intend to begin at their university Spring 2025.

Fall 2025 Transfers

Canvas Cohort for students who intend to begin at their university Fall 2025.

Application Services

The tabs below provide an overview of the various application services that we offer to students. We strongly encourage you to begin with our workshops.

Application Workshop Series

We offer a four-part workshop series for Cal State and UC applicants designed to support students through critical steps of the transfer preparation and application process. For workshop dates/times and to RSVP, please click the button that corresponds to your application cycle:

  • Part 1: Preparing to Apply (Cal State & UC Version)
  • Part 2: Applying to Transfer (Cal State & UC Version)
  • Part 3: After You Apply
  • Part 4: Admissions Decisions

Additional specialized workshops as part of the application cycle:

  • ADT Verification
  • UC Transfer Admission Guarantee
Workshops for Fall 2024 Transfers Workshops for Spring 2025 Transfers Workshops for Fall 2025 Transfers
Specialty Workshops

In addition to our four-part application workshop series, we also provide the following specialized workshops:

  • Applying to Private Colleges
  • Nursing 101: Preparing for Nursing Schools
  • Nursing 201: Applying to Nursing Schools.
Specialty Workshops
Drop-In Application Assistance
  • We provide both in-person and online assistance with any undergraduate transfer application:
    • For in-person services, you do not need to complete this form; simply visit us in Reynoso Hall, Room 212.
    • For online assistance, please complete our online form.

Drop-in Application Assistance DOES NOT include review of the UC PIQ. Thank you for your understanding. 

Drop-In App Assistance


Transfer Center Essay Assistance

The University of California application, Common Application, and Coalition Application all contain sections that require students to provide written responses to questions. Fullerton College students have the benefit of accessing the Transfer Center for assistance with the UC PIQ and any other undergraduate application writing requirement. To request an essay review or for assistance with getting started, please click on the button below:


Additional Resources
  • The FC Writing Center
    • The Writing Center provides reviews of your UC PIQ and Common Application essays.
  • UC Resources:
Undocumented Student Application Resources

The following resources are designed to assist our undocumented students with completing the Cal State and UC applications.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to Contact Us.

Undocu-Transfer Application Guide

Undocu-Transfer FAQs

University Help Centers

This tab provides information for the various university application help centers.

Cal State Apply Help Center

UC Application Help Center

  • (800) 207-1710 (within U.S.)
  • UC PIQ Video

Common App Help Center

Coalition App Help Center


Application Filing Periods

California State University (Cal State)

Application Filing Periods:

  • Winter/Spring Transfers: Apply Aug. 1-31.
  • Fall Transfers: Apply Oct. 1 – Nov. 30.

University of California (UC)

Application Filing Periods:

  • Winter/Spring Transfers: Apply July 1-31.
  • Fall Transfers: Apply Oct.1 – Nov. 30, 2023.
    Note: The UC general application opens on Aug.1.

UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

UC TAG Application Filing Periods:

  • Winter/Spring Transfers: Apply July 1-31.
    • Note: Winter/spring TAG options are limited.
  • Fall Transfers: Apply September 1-30.