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With over 100 years of transfer experience, Fullerton College consistently ranks among the state’s best transfer institutions!
We are proud of our transfer tradition and offer you the following information and links for your consideration and/or research.

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For more complete statistics for Fullerton College, please visit the
FC Office of Institutional Effectiveness 

FC Applications to the Cal State

Fall 2022 Statistics

1,671 Applications
1,477 Admitted
948 Enrolled
88% Acceptance Rate

FC Top Cal State Destinations:

Fall 2022 Statistics

  1. CSU Fullerton
  2. Long Beach
  3. Cal Poly Pomona
  4. CSU Los Angeles
  5. San Diego State
  6. CSU Dominguez Hills
  7. CSU Northridge
  8. CSU San Bernardino
  9. San Francisco State


University of California (UC)

FC Applications to the UC

Fall 2022 Statistics

479 Applications
337 Admitted
239 Enrolled
70% Acceptance Rate

FC Top UC Destinations:

Fall 2022 Statistics

  1. UC Irvine
  2. UCLA
  3. UC Berkeley
  4. UC San Diego
  5. UC Riverside
  6. UC Santa Barbara
  7. UC Davis
  8. UC Santa Cruz


Transfer Statistics for Private & Out of State

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