Transfer Center

Counseling Services in the Transfer Center

The FC Transfer Center is a service of the Fullerton College Counseling Center which provides additional and limited counseling services in the Transfer Center throughout the academic year.

“Transfer counseling” is a function of ALL counselors and is predicated on the answers to these REQUIRED questions:

  • What is your transfer major?
  • What four-year colleges/universities do you intend to apply for transfer?

Thus, regardless of whether you receive educational counseling from the Transfer Center, Counseling Center, EOPS/CARE/FYSI, Grads to Be Program, Umoja Community Center, and/or Veterans Resource Center, you will be provided with the same high-quality counseling services to help you plan for your transfer!

Transfer Center Counselors 2023-2024



You are Required to Report ALL forms of College Credit.

In order for our counselors to provide accurate advising, they must have access to your entire college record. Thus, before you click the button below, please ensure that you have provided Fullerton College with the following official documents:

  • Official transcripts from all other colleges/universities that you have ever attended
    • Exception: Cypress College – Our counselors have access to these records.
  • Official exam scores for AP, CLEP and IB.
No Show/Same-Day Cancellation Policy

Counseling services in the Transfer Center are very limited. Thus, to make best use of our limited appointments, and to conform with the “no show” policy of the Counseling Center, any student who misses 2 or more counseling appointments may be limited to booking same-day counseling appointments within a calendar year (Jan 1-Dec 31).
Please note that same day cancellations are treated as no shows. 

Application Season Restrictions

Counseling services in the Transfer Center are very limited and we receive our highest demand for services during the Application Season (Aug. 1 – Nov. 30):

  • August 1-31           Spring Application Season
  • Oct. 1 – Nov. 30     Fall Application Season

During these time periods, we may restrict counseling services to students who are in the current application cycle and refer all others to the Counseling Center. Rest assured that transfer planning is a function of all counselors.


Please note that Counselors do not provide application assistance.
If you need assistance with how to apply to a university, please use our Application Services.