FC Counseling Division – Counseling Services in the Transfer Center

Picture of Transfer Center counselor with student

The Counseling Center provides additional counseling services in the Transfer Center!
These services are limited and offered during certain times of the year to currently enrolled Fullerton College students. Thus, whether you meet with a counselor in the Counseling Center or Transfer Center, you will be provided with the same services.

Required Documents

In order for our counselors to provide accurate advising, they must have access to your entire college record. Thus, before you click the button below, please ensure that you have provided Fullerton College with the following official documents:

  • Official transcripts from all other colleges/universities that you have ever attended
    • Exception: Cypress College – Our counselors have access to these records.
  • Official exam scores for AP, CLEP and IB.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: During certain times of the year, the Transfer Center may reserve its limited counseling services for students who are currently in or about to begin the transfer application cycle. During those times, your request may be forwarded to the FC Counseling Center.