College Fairs

The Transfer Center proudly hosts two annual college fairs that attract representatives from many CSU, UC, private, and out of state institutions. In addition, we host our Transfer Awareness Week – (a week of various transfer-related services designed to educate students about the transfer process), to coincide with the fall and spring college fairs.

We will be holding our Fall College Fair in October (TBA) and our Spring College Fair in March 2020 (TBA).

Spring College Fair

(March 19, 2020; 10am-1pm)
Reservation Opens Monday, December 2, 2019



California State University



University of California




  * Denotes out-of-state school


University Representatives

To participate in our college fairs, your institution must be accredited by one of the following six regional accrediting agencies:

You can RSVP by sending an email to:

Stephanie Mosqueda:


Fall College Fair

October 2020 – Date to be announced in summer 2020
RSVP Begins July 1