Transfer Celebration

Congratulations on your acceptance to a university!
Each year in the month of May, the Fullerton College Transfer Center honors all of our yearly transfer students at the Transfer Celebration!
During the Transfer Celebration, students have their names called to the stage where they are awarded a “Honoring Transfer” medal that they are able to wear at the FC Commencement. In addition, beginning in April, the FC Transfer Center begins its “Look Who’s Transferring” campaign to highlight our transfer students. 
Be a part of Fullerton College transfer history by participating in these annual traditions. See below for more information. 

Transfer Celebration

Due to the covid pandemic. The FC Transfer Celebration for 2021 has been cancelled.
We hope to continue this tradition in 2022.

“Honoring Transfer” medals

However, we will still be issuing the Honoring Transfer medals!
More information to come!

Image of FC Students at the Transfer Celebration

Look Who’s Transferring!

Due to the covid pandemic, we will not be creating our Transfer Center window display. 
Instead! We are posting this tradition to our FC Transfer Center Instagram account! To participate in our Look Who’s Transferring” Instagram campaign, please click the button below. 


Instagram Campaign
Sample of Instagram Look Who's Transferring post
Window Display