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Photograph of Fullerton College Graduates at Commencement Welcome to the Transfer Center!

The Transfer Center 
is a dynamic department within the Fullerton College Counseling & Student Development Division and is connected to the Fullerton College Cadena Cultural CenterOur mission is to provide services that enhance awareness of campus diversity, facilitate transfer to four-year colleges/universities, and promote student development and lifelong learning.

This Week in the Center (November 24-26): CSU & UC APPLICATION DUE NOVEMBER 30!

All events are held in the Transfer Center, Room 212, unless otherwise noted.

Monday: OFFICE HOURS: 8am-7:30pm
Same Day Counseling
: 9am-6pm (BOOKED)
UCI University Representative (OPEN appointments): 9am-2pm
Tuesday: OFFICE HOURS: 8am-7:30pm
Same Day Counseling
: 9am-6pm
UCI University Representative (OPEN appointments): 9am-3pm
Hope International University: 10am-1pm (Table Visit)
Wednesday: OFFICE HOURS: 8am-5pm
Same Day
Counseling: 9am-4pm
Cal Poly Pomona Representative (OPEN appointments): 9am-1pm
CSU Fullerton: (BOOKED)

Important Dates!

Oct 1 CSU CSU begins accepting applications for Fall 2015
Nov 1 UC UC begins accepting applications for Fall 2015
Nov 21 Transfer Center Last day to get assistance with your UC Personal Statement!  
Nov 30 UC & UC DEADLINE to submit CSU & UC applications for Fall 2015
Dec 1 USC DEADLINE for some USC Majors (See Transfer Center News for more info)
Dec 13 FC Last day of the fall semester

Transfer Center News

Graphic of a triangular sign with Alert! on it NOVEMBER 30 IS THE DEADLINE TO APPLY TO THE CSU AND UC FOR FALL 2015!
         The Last Day to get Assistance with your Personal Statement in the Transfer Center is Fri. Nov. 21.
         We strongly urge students to begin their UC personal Statement as soon as possible!





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Fall Highlights!

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