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From Community College to UCLA with UCLA Chancellor and Dean of Undergraduate Admissions

November 4

Are you interested in transferring to UCLA? Do you have questions? Are you worried about the process? Are you confused about the process? Are you worried about how to pay for a UCLA education? Do you want to know more about PreMed and STEM Opportunities?
Then you should come and meet with former Community College Student and current UCLA Chancellor Dr. Gene Block, who will provide insight about UCLA, programs for Community College students, and all the opportunities available to YOU.
In addition, we will have the Executive Dean of Undergraduate Admission and Vice Provost, Mr. Gary Clark, who oversees Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid.
Come to meet them, hear from them, and ask them any questions you have (but don’t know who to ask) about UCLA.
This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn and ask questions and not just rely on myths and blogs to get your questions answered.


For More Information Visit: www.PreMedCC.org


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