Transfer to Private Colleges

We strongly encourage our students to consider all transfer options – including private colleges and universities! 
The most important point for transfer students to remember is to research and plan their transfer to a private college as soon as possible! Fullerton College counselors can assist in your preparation to any private college or university. 
Many private colleges will use either the Common Application or the Coalition Application for transfer admissions.
These are not applications that students can do the night before a deadline; they require ample time to prepare because they may require students to provide (official) transcripts from high school and colleges attended, recommendations, and additional forms that may require days for processing. 

Thus, we recommend our students to follow these basic steps:

  • Step 1 –     Research your Prospective Colleges
    • Transfer Admissions Requirements
    • Cost of Attendance & Financial Aid
    • General Education & Major Requirements
    • Needed services
    • Housing & Transportation
  • Step 2 –     Meet with a  Fullerton College Counselor
    • To Create an Educational Plan
  • Step 3 –     Research Application Requirements
    • Application Deadlines
    • Examinations (SAT, ACT, CLEP, IB, TOEFL)
    • Transcripts (High School, College)
    • Recommendations
    • Writing Requirements
    • Portfolios and/or auditions
    • Any other required forms/documents
  • Step 4 –    Submit your Application – well before the deadline! 
    • For most private colleges/universities, their stated deadlines apply not only to the application but to all requirements documents as well!