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If your educational goal includes transferring to a four-year college or university, the FC Transfer Center is dedicated to helping all students through the transfer process: exploration, preparation, and application.

The information on this webpage will provide you with a basic overview of the transfer process. 

If you are a prospective student and interested in Fullerton College transfer statistics, please visit our Transfer Statistics webpage. 

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Freshman (0-30 transferable Units)

Your tasks in freshman status will consist of career planning, choosing your major, exploring your transfer options, ways to enhance your chances of being admitted to your dream college, and meeting with a counselor to create your education plan.

Career and Major Exploration

Many students are unsure of their career path and which major to pursue. Having a good career plan will help you determine which major(s) would best prepare you for your desired career path.

Upper division transfer applicants to the California State University and University of California MUST apply to a specific major; you will not have the option to apply as an “undeclared” major. In addition, your choice of transfer major will determine:

  1. Your university options.
  2. Your educational plan
  3. The time it will take you to transfer

Thus, if you are unsure of your transfer major, the FC Career Center provides a variety of services designed to assist you in clarifying your career goals and major choices.

Campus Exploration

Once you have chosen a major, it is time to contact the Transfer Center to begin exploring your transfer options!
Although colleges/universities provide hundreds of options for major programs, your campus may or may not offer your desired major!
The Transfer Center provides students with the following resources to help with your transfer exploration:

Even if you already have your dream college in mind, we still recommend that you visit the Transfer Center to further explore your dream college and identify additional transfer options!

Transfer Advantages: Special Transfer Programs

Fullerton College transfer students have access to a variety of special programs that may enhance their transfer application and/or guarantee admissions!
We encourage you to consider these programs and meet with a counselor to determine if they are a right fit for you.

  • Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)
  • UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (UCLA TAP).
  • Guaranteed Admission to Select Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU)
  • UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (UC TAG):
    • Guaranteed Admissions to1 of 6 participating UC campuses
  • University of Redlands – FC Partnership
  • Summer Programs at select UC and Cal State campuses.

For information on these and other programs, please visit our Special Transfer Programs & Services webpage and meet with a counselor.

Create an Education Plan with a Counselor

The most critical component to a successful transfer is meeting with a counselor regularly! 
University admission standards can change from year to year and so it is very important for you to meet with a counselor each semester.
This provides counselors with the chance to review your education plan to ensure that you are meeting:

  • Minimum transfer requirements:
    • Units
    • GPA
    • General Education pattern
    • Major prerequisites
  • Competitive requirements for selective/impacted programs
  • Requirements for special transfer programs such:
    • ADT, UC TAG, HBCU Guarantee

All Fullerton College counselors can provide you with a transfer education plan, this includes counselors in the following student services.

And for students enrolled in these special programs:

Tips to Be Academically Successful

Many colleges/universities and major programs currently have admissions standards that exceed the minimum qualifications. These campuses/majors can be identified by the use of the following terms: “impacted” (Cal State), “selective” (UC), and/or “competitive.”

Thus, if your transfer goal includes a competitive college/university, we strongly suggest that you visit the Transfer Center to research your options!

Impacted Cal State campuses & majors – Many highly popular Cal State campuses and majors, may require a student to exceed the minimum requirements for admission. These campuses may require a higher GPA, major prerequisites, earning an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT), and/or require students to complete supplemental applications.

UC and private colleges holistic application process – If you are considering applying to the UC and/or a private college, these institutions have applications that allow you to provide information beyond your coursework such as co-curricular activities, work and volunteer experiences, honors and awards, and writing requirements. To best prepare for these applications, students should consider the following ways to enhance their learning on and off the campus.

  • Challenging Yourself Academically:
    • Academic excellence in full-time enrollment
    • A competitive GPA (3.0+)
    • Taking more rigorous courses
    • Refraining from earning too many withdrawals
    • Full completion of your general education and major prerequisites
    • Co-Curriculars
      • Participating in university programs geared for transfer students
      • Participation in college-sponsored activities
        • Especially those geared to academics
  • Special Talents
    • Demonstrating how you use your special talents to think critically and make decisions.
      • Artistic, athletic, etc.
  • Leadership
    • Participating in student government
    • Taking the time for volunteer experiences
    • Demonstrating work leadership
    • Describing military experiences
    • Joining collegiate athletics
    • and any other role that showcased your leadership abilities
  • Career Goals
    • Experiences in the field of your desired career (employment, internships, volunteering, etc.)
  • Life Experiences
    • Universities are very interested in learning about the life experiences of transfer applicants, including:
      • Any challenges you may have faced – but more importantly, how you have overcome those challenges
      • Family history and obligations
      • Spiritual passions
      • Veteran and military experiences

Please note that the list above should not be considered a list for which you have to have experience in every item. Highly competitive universities are not looking for the quantity of experiences on your list but rather the quality of these experiences.

Resources to Help You Succeed

Fullerton College provides a variety of student services designed to support you in your educational journey.
Here are just a few…

Join student clubs that are related to your career objective!


The Transfer Center provides professional staff to assist you in your transfer research such as:

  • Which colleges/universities may have your desired major.
  • Support services offered at a college/university.
  • Special transfer programs offered by colleges/universities.
  • Scholarship research.

NOTE: This service does NOT include those services provided through counseling such as:

  • Educational Planning (choosing courses)
  • Questions about transferability of courses
  • Questions about your academic competitiveness.
  • Determining whether you would qualify for a special transfer program (ADT, UC TAG, etc.)

For counseling services, please visit our Counseling Services webpage.

Sophomore (31-60 transferable Units)

Exit Counseling: Planning Your Final Year at Fullerton College

In your sophomore year it will be very critical for you to meet with a counselor for what we call “exit counseling.”
Exit Counseling is a process by which a counselor will review your educational plan to ensure that you will meet all transfer admission requirements.

In addition, counselors will review your competitiveness and special programs requirements (if applicable).
To schedule an appointment with a counselor please see the information in the “Create an Education Plan  with a Counselor” section above.

Transfer Applications

Your application process will begin almost a year prior to your transfer.
Students applying to transfer should note that the application is a year-long process that consists of:

  • Preparation – exit planning and required documents
  • Applying to the university
  • Updating your university with fall grades (fall application)
  • Responding to admission notices
  • Transitioning to the university

The Transfer Center provides the following application services to assist students:

  • Canvas pages for specific application cohorts (see our homepage)
  • Application Workshop Series
  • Special Program Workshops
  • Assistance Essay Review
  • Special Program Workshops
  • Group Question & Answer Sessions (During high-peak times)

Successful Transfers Stay Connected to the Transfer Center!

There is a common misconception of waiting until it is time to apply to visit/contact the Transfer Center.

We offer a variety of ways for you to stay connected and informed!