eCounseling Now Available!

The Transfer Center is currently offering eCounseling (phone & video conferencing) to currently enrolled Fullerton College students.


  • Counseling appointments in the Transfer Center are limited,
  • All counselors can provide students with “transfer” counseling,
  • Counseling services may be restricted to students currently in the transfer application process during a high demand.
  • Thus, to schedule a counseling appointment in the Transfer Center:
    • Students must be currently enrolled at Fullerton College,
    • Students must be a continuing student who has completed at least one semester at Fullerton College
    • All new students must seek counseling at the FC Counseling Center.

If you meet all of these criteria, we welcome you to click the link below to request an eCounseling appointment.

Required Documents

To ensure that the counselors are able to properly advise students and to schedule an appointment, students must provide transcripts from all colleges/universities (ever) attended, as well as, any college exams (AP, IB, CLEP) that you have completed.

We will have access to your Fullerton College and Cypress College transcripts; you do not need to provide them.

Other Colleges/Universities Attended:

  • If you have already provided official transcripts we will have access to them.
  • If you have NOT yet provided your official transcripts then you must bring them to your appointment.
    • Unofficial will suffice for your appointment.