Application Assistance

The Transfer Center provides assistance to students applying to any college or university in the following ways:

  • Assistance completing and submitting any undergraduate university application.
  • Assistance with any undergraduate university application essay.
    • The UC and many private campuses require students to write essays as part of their application.
    • For more detailed information about personal essay assistance please contact the Transfer Center.

Application Workshop Series – Designed for a Fall Transfer

All CSU and UC campuses are open for fall admissions but many CSU and most UC campuses no longer accepting students for a mid-year transfer (spring & winter). Thus students should plan for a fall transfer!
Our Application Workshop Series is designed to assist students with these 4 steps required of the CSU & UC application for a fall transfer:

Visit the Transfer Center Calendar for a schedule of workshop dates!


Summer is the time for students to connect with the Transfer Center to begin their CSU and UC application for a fall transfer!

Part 1: Are You Ready to Apply?

This workshop provides students with an overview of the entire year-long fall application cycle for the CSU & UC. Topics include:

  • CSU & UC transfer requirements and deadlines
  • Application Process Overview
  • Selective/impacted campuses
  • CSU local service areas
  • Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)
  • UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG)



Fall is application season! Begin your CSU, UC, and UC TAG applications now!

Part 2: Applying to Transfer

Our Part 2 workshops consist of the following application workshops:

  • Part 2: The California State University (CSU) Application
  • Part 2: The University of California (UC) Application

Participants are offered assistance with all aspects of these applications, including the UC Personal Insight Questions.



Winter is the time for students to update their CSU and UC fall applications with fall grades and spring enrollment!

Part 3: After You Apply – The Next Steps

This workshop provides students with the next steps they must take after they have submitted their university application.
Topics include:

  • Application acknowledgement notices
  • Setting up university portals
  • Reporting fall grades and spring enrollment
  • Online application updates and transcripts
  • Changes in reported grades and courses
  • Applying for financial aid.


Universities begin notifying students of their admissions decisions during the spring!

Part 4: Admission Decisions! – Accepted, Wait-listed or Denied.

This workshop provides students with assistance with their admissions notices.
Topics include:

  • Acceptance and denial notices
  • Being Placed on an Admissions Wait List
  • How to determine which campus is the best fit,
  • Accepting an admission offer,
  • Enrollment confirmation deposits,
  • Appealing a denial notice,
  • Dropping and/or failing spring courses,
  • Transitioning to the university

Part 5: Selecting a University – Financial Aid Awards & Budgeting

This workshop is designed to assist students with understanding the university financial aid offer and how to budget for the university.