Application Assistance

The Transfer Center provides assistance to Fullerton College students applying for undergraduate admissions to any four-year institution. This includes assistance with transfer application essays!
During the campus closure due to the corona-virus, the Transfer Center is offering its Application Workshop Series via Zoom videoconferencing. See below for dates and times.


  • Participants must be a Fullerton College student.
  • Workshops usually run about 60-90 mins and start times are listed below.
  • There is a deadline to apply one week prior to the workshop.

Part 1 – Are You Ready to Apply?

Whether you are a fall transfer or a mid-year transfer (winter/spring), summer is the time for students to begin their CSU/UC application to transfer!
Begin your transfer application with our Part 1: Are You Ready to Apply?
This workshop provides participating students with the following:

Cal State & UC:

  • A counselor review of student transcripts for basic CSU/UC transfer requirements.
  • Overview of the entire Application Process
  • Information on current CSU & UC Admissions Standards

Cal State:

  • Introduction to the Associated Degree for Transfer (ADT)


  • Introduction to the UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG)
  • Assistance with the Personal Insight Questions

Workshop Dates:

Part 1: Are You Ready to Apply to the Cal State?
  • Wed. July 8 (4:00pm) – Deadline to RSVP: July 1
  • Thu. July 9 (4:00pm) – Deadline to RSVP:  July 2
  • Mon. July 13 (10:00am) – Deadline to RSVP:  July 6
  • Wed. July 15 (2:00pm) – Deadline to RSVP:  July 8
  • Wed. July 22 (4:00pm) – Deadline to RSVP:  July 15
  • Thu. July 23 (4:00pm) – Deadline to RSVP:  July 16
Part 1: Are You Ready to Apply to the UC?
  • Wed. July 29 (4:00pm) – Deadline to RSVP:  July 22
  • Thu. July 30 (4:00pm) – Deadline to RSVP:  July 23

Part 2: Applying to Transfer!

This workshop provides students with an overview of the CSU and UC applications as well as assistance with the UC Personal Insight Questions.

Workshop Dates:


Part 2: Applying to The Cal State

  • Dates to be Announced


Part 2: Applying to The UC

  • Dates to be Announced

Part 3: After You Apply – The Next Steps

This workshop provides students with the next steps they must take after they have submitted their university application.
Topics include:

  • Application acknowledgement notices
  • Setting up university portals
  • Reporting fall grades and spring enrollment
  • Online application updates and transcripts
  • Changes in reported grades and courses
  • Applying for financial aid.

Workshop Dates:

  • Dates to be Announced

Part 4: Admission Decisions! – Accepted, Wait-listed or Denied.

This workshop provides students with assistance with their admissions notices.
Topics include:

  • Acceptance and denial notices
  • Being Placed on an Admissions Wait List
  • How to determine which campus is the best fit,
  • Accepting an admission offer,
  • Enrollment confirmation deposits,
  • Appealing a denial notice,
  • Dropping and/or failing spring courses,
  • Transitioning to the university

Workshop Dates:

  • Dates to be Announced

Part 5: The University Financial Aid Offer – Affordability & Budgeting

This workshop is designed to assist students with understanding their university financial aid offer and how to budget for the university.
Topics include:

  • Understanding the various forms of university financial aid
  • Discussing Grants, Loans, and scholarships
  • Understanding Cost of Attendance
  • How to budget for the university

Workshop Dates:

  • Dates to be Announced