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Transfer Basics: CSU  - "Cal State"

For students who wish to apply to a CSU the majority of these campuses will require the transfer student to complete their freshman and sophomore (lower division) levels at the community college prior to transfer - we call this "upper division transfer" because the student will enter the CSU at a junior (upper division) level having earned at least 60 transferable units. Students earn the 60 transferable units by taking courses that meet:

  • General Education requirements
  • Major preparation (prerequisites)
  • Elective credit (if needed)

Miminum Transfer Requirements:

60 CSU-transferable units which must include all of the following:
  30 units from either of the following general education patterns:
  • CSU General Education Requirements
4 critical courses with a grade of "C" or better:

   1. Oral Communications     (Speech)
   2. Written Communications (English)
   3. Critical Thinking
   4. Mathmatics
2.0 Minimum CSU-transferable GPA  (2.4 for non-residents/international students)
  See Notes below!

Other Important Considerations for Transfer to the CSU:

CSU Local Service Areas Impacted Majors Associates Degree in Transfer
Many of the CSU campuses will give
priority admissions
to transfers students who they designate as a "local transfer."
For more information:

CSU Local Admission and Service Areas

NOTE: CSU Fullerton gives highest priority to transfer students who earned the majority of their transferable courses from California Community Colleges in Orange County.

Admissions to "impacted" majors is typically competitive requiring students to exceed the minimum transfer requirements shown above!
To see if you major is impacted:

CSU Impacted Majors & Campuses

The Associates Degree in Transfer
(AA-T/AS-T) will provide students with guaranteed admissions to the California State University system in a similar major.
For more information:
          logo and link for the Associate Degree in Transfer

Students should be aware that the requirements listed above are the minimum criteria needed to be considered for transfer.
Some CSU campuses and/or majors may require students to exceed these minimum requirements to be considered competitive applicants.
Some CSU campuses may allow a student to transfer as a lower division (less than 60 units).
The CSU requirements above are subject to change. Thus, meet with your counselor every semester!

Transfer Preparation for CSU

Research Your Transfer Options!

Transferability of Courses

Fullerton College maintains articulation agreements with the CSU. These articulation agreements let the students know which courses will transfer to the CSU and are available at the following website:

General Education Patterns

Transfer students to the CSU have two options for their general education pattern:

Note: IGETC can be used for both the CSU and UC.

Major Preparation

Students may also complete prerequisite courses for their major. The Counseling Center has created quick guides for majors to our most popular transfer institutions. The information from these guide sheets originates from ASSIST: